Working Dog Trainers Alliance
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

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Expert dog trainers are not easy to find.
But here at the working dog trainers alliance academy, we are working doing our best to put dog owners in touch the best in the business.
Our ultimate aim is to make sure that all dogs and their owners are in the best position possible.
Through Australia's best dog obedience training, canine snake avoidance training and everything else that may be needed, we make sure our dog trainers can either do it themselves or know who can.
With many fly by night operators in the dog training space, it is critically important that we educate people of the hazards and pitfalls when dealing with dogs and trainers.
Most potential behavioural problems of dogs can be easily prevented by early intervention.
But one needs to intervene in the correct way and at the correct time.
We do world's best practices with dogs, and make sure our readers and clients can aim for this as well.
Our alliance collaborates with dog trainers, training schools, veterinary surgeons, pet welfare suppliers and others in the relevant space, including people as diverse as dog washers and groomers, transport companies and others.

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